Complete White Hat SEO Tutorial – Introduction

Hello friends,

Today going to start a white hat SEO training for free. Do SEO in legal way and follow google’s algorithm and search engine rules, that is called White cat SEO. White hat SEO will be take 3 or 4 months time for get higher rank in Google and other search engines. But in Black Hat SEO, your website got higher rank in short period and it is not stable. That website will be banned by Google within short period. So follow my Whitehead SCU training to get high rank from Google in legal way. I say Google Google Google in every line. Google is the king of search engines, this is the reason why I say Google as common. So please don’t avoid all other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, ASK and more. Because, all such engines are sent little bits of traffic to your site definitely. In nextcoming videos a study tutorial as step-by-step. Please subscribe channel to access my SEO training for free. Click below link to suspend my channel.

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