How to Blog | From Content to Keywords to SEO | Video Tutorial with Yoast and Schema

All right, here’s a video for you on the actual creation of a blog post. And how to create the content, and how to create a great quality user experience, how to optimize it. So I’m creating a hyper local blog post today, so this could apply to any kind of blog post that you’re going to do.

So I’m going to kind walk you through the structure, top to bottom. And we’ll just kind of do it together, actually. I’ve started the blog, and I’ll go ahead and continue adding on, and show you what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And this can give you some insight on some best practices, and actually, on how easy it is, once you have the structure down and what needs to happen, it’ll become very natural, very second nature to actually do it. The more you do it, the more natural this becomes, okay?

Now, this is a great example because today, I actually used a ghost writer to write the content. So, the topic is karaoke Las Vegas. Now first, let me tell you how I picked that topic.

Well, I picked the topic just because it was coming across my Facebook feed as a special even this weekend in Las Vegas. And I realized I did not yet have any kind of things to do in Las Vegas section for karaoke. I’ve got all kinds of things on bars, and shows, and themed events, but I don’t have anything for karaoke. So I went oh, okay, there’s something I need to do. So I went over to my crowd content, and make sure that you check out the link to crowd content, if you just go here to, I know I have a ton of tabs open, we’ll just kind of work around my tabs right now. If you go over to and scroll down here and click on crowd content, there’s actually a link for you to go ahead and set that up and try it.

In fact, we can go ahead and take a look at … let’s go ahead and take a look at, I don’t want to lose my spot here, but … let me go ahead and show you how much this order costs. Let me go to order summary, and I’ll show you kind of what it looked like when I made the order. So, here, this was a $70 blog post, so that’s pretty expensive. I mean, I don’t always do $70 blog posts, but if I really want something to be in depth and complete, and I really want to cover a large area, it’s going to be higher, okay.

So I wanted it in English, here’s the instructions for the writer. “Make a list of locations where one could join in karaoke in Las Vegas. List times, locations and link in any window to location.” Now, my writer didn’t do the links. But I’m adding those in now. “Make this fun and informative, make sure your information is current and all locations are still open.” I only chose a two star writer, which means three and a half cents a word. I feel confident with a two star writer when I’m doing listicles, you know, those type of just structured lists and all the person has to do is go look this stuff up and then write a quick description on what that place is, or what that item is, and that’s really all they’re doing, so it’s not super comprehensive, super fancy writing. It’s more just kind of a list of items. So I’m okay with that two star. Now if I went to three or four star, I’m going to pay more per word.

And here my word count is 750 to 2,000 and that’s what I said, I said I wanted this to be at least 750 words, but no more than 2,000 words. And now I kind of wish I had gone to 3,000 or 4,000 because it looks like there’s more karaoke places than what I gave this person the budget to cover. And now I wish I would have … I wanted all of them, so I wish I would’ve gone a little bit bigger. Because it’s hard now to go back and add to what’s not already on there. But anyway, so it’s still a great piece.

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