Tips on White Hat SEO -SEO: The Secret for Getting Real Organic Traffic from Google

What is seo ? or Search engine optimization many time you heard this word but I think many people isn’t proper understand about SEO, SEM (Search engine management) and they people think Seo is a difficult to learn then they are searching for easy way like live traffic, best seo plugin for wordpress, best seo wordpress theme and other kind of data like seo book. So now forget these all method 😉

Because I will teach you with more and more deeply about search engine and also I‘ll teach you how does seo work inside. So first question is in how much time we will learn complete basic to advance seo ? so it’s easy answers and also easy practical work but it’s depend on you that how much you ‘are serious to learn this topic.

So first of all I want to clear this question that SEO Is software? Definitely No because now at this time at this stage google is too much fast and goggle spider is very power full for finding spamming or paid traffic. Basically paid traffic is is related to Black HAT SEO, and we will learn in this course “White Hat SEO” now you thinking what is white hat seo and what is black hat seo ? Hmmm simple, black hat seo is no longer after google updated their new algorithm like panda penguin, and other kind of updated algorithm and it’s not for long term business and if we talk about “White Hat SEO” so this is for long term business and google recommended all things included in this one.

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