YouTube SEO – The Trick For Top YouTube Rankings & Traffic Revealed In One Video Optimization Class

Learn everything you need to know about SEO and video optimization on YouTube here in this one video. This is the culmination of years of search engine optimization experience and of building a large platform on YouTube in a very short period of time.

Specifically were looking at how you can benefit from optimizing your YouTube videos and how YouTube benefits from you becoming a publisher who optimizes every video that you publish to the YouTube platform.

When you create structure and publish your content marketing in and optimized fashion you are able to trigger the algorithm within you to and help YouTube deliver you relevant viewers.

If you ignore YouTube’s goals and YouTube’s algorithm, your videos will simply not receive any views and all of your time and effort to publish the video will be a complete loss.

Once the concept of video SEO is established and why you need to become a partner with YouTube… This is the ultimate goal of every content marketing strategy, to work within the goals and desires of the platform your publishing to.

We move on to looking at the specific tricks tips and tactics you need to implement in your video and publishing process to maximize the optimization of your video.

Video marketing and all content marketing, really, begins with understanding what your audience is searching for and then reverse engineering your content to be the answer to that question. How do we know what our audience is looking for? Or what our audiences questions are? Keyword research!

The fact that my wife and I have both mastered keyword research and we researched the relevant keywords before every single piece of content we create has done directly resulted in our massive organic traffic we enjoy today.

This video is not to go in the keyword research directly, but if you want more help in that area go check out this video here:

Then, quite possibly most important part is what you say on the video and how you deliver your actual video content… It is important to remember at this point it’s not necessarily about the “quality of your video” it’s much more about the quality of content you’re delivering through your video.

With that said if you’d like to know what gear I use and my philosophy for creating a great YouTube video, go check out this video here:

YouTube’s algorithm is watching and reading and listening to every word you speak in every word you type in and around your video. If there’s relevance and engagement viewed then you get rewarded if there is not relevance and your title is not relevant to what you talk about on the video YouTube will think that you’re up to something shady and you will not get results.

The process of search engine optimization is all about out optimizing your competitors’ videos with one or more of these ranking factors in your YouTube marketing… This means you simply need to do a little bit better of a job optimizing your videos than your competitors’ videos in order to outrank your competitors in the YouTube search results.

We also look at the data that YouTube tracks to help YouTube make a decision whether your video is more worthy of traffic compared your competitors’ video… Like click through rate from search engine results page and duration viewed, etc.

These are the statistics that YouTube follows because YouTube sees high click through rates and high average duration watched statistics as a leading their visitors towards more advertisements and ultimately making more money for YouTube.

When you optimize your videos in a way that helps you to accomplish its goals of selling more advertising, you win and YouTube wins… Therefore you are blessed with better rankings.

Engagement factors are a huge part in YouTube SEO as well and totally affect your YouTube marketing results.

Even though I just shared everything I know about YouTube marketing and video SEO, I highly recommend watching this video and getting Google’s internal team’s take and recommendations on SEO!

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